Empire of the Sun headlined this year’s KJEE Summer Round Up which serves as a mini-fest that promotes artists that one might hear on our local alternative radio station (92.9). While this event’s lineup generally represents a wide range of talent that fall within the same criteria that you find on 92.9, every band has the same hand-crafted feel whether they’ve been in the game for multiple months or multiple years. While the crowd increasingly grew throughout the later half of the afternoon, and continued thru the evening – it wasn’t long before the attendees who made their way to the bowl had found themselves in the right place while sporting the right attire. 
With two touring band members, and a squad of performers sporting costumes that were way beyond eye-appealing, this was the ultimate headlining set for the evening. Empire of the Sun delivered a performance that had the ability to flip anyone’s eyelids who were in the proximity of the bowl. Since the release of their debut record Walking on a Dream which featured their biggest hit with the same title, they’ve delivered 2 additional full length albums, Ice On The Dune & Two Vines.  To embrace the energy from the fans of EOTS was unlike any other, and consistently felt as if the entire bowl was one gigantic dance party.
Empire of the Sun & co. created the atmosphere that we needed as a community, and couldn’t be more thankful for as the evening came to a close.