Photo Credit: Celeste’s Facebook

Brighton’s Celeste, has recently released her second track Milk & Honey via Lily Allen‘s Bank Holiday Records. Her EP is set to release 3/10/17.

Los Angeles born, Celeste and her mom headed back to the UK, where her mother is from, when she was just three years old.

In an interview with Interview Magazine, she says, ” I was born in America, so I think there’s always this want to be there, as well, because I have a whole side of my family there. So it’s not necessarily an exact place, the milk and the honey, but it’s an equation of all the places where I want to go to. Originally, when I wrote it, it felt like it was about an ultimate place of either happiness or success, so a lot of it touches on material wealth and love and stuff like that. Milk and honey over here can relate to money in the rhyming slang, and my background—my mom is Cockney, one side of my family is like that, so I think it came from that a bit. It was an amalgamation of everything that was swirling around in my head that day.”

Celeste pulls inspiration from the likes of the greats, such as Etta James and Aretha Franklin. With an old soul wisdom and a new age-ish sound, we’re expecting (and hoping for) big, big things to come from Celeste.