We can all agree that the common phrase “when it rains, it pours” gets tossed around quite a bit, but this time it’s truly what makes the most sense to describe what’s going on over here at LYED. Below are 4 recent EPs that have been on rotation since their release. Take some time to rewind with each of them, and share what you think below!

A duo from LA that grabbed my attention earlier this year with their dedication to releasing nothing but honest music that as humans – we relate to more than we’d like to admit. Their debut EP, The Art of Saying Goodbye was self-released back in October and heads up LA – they’re playing Resident this Friday (12/09 aka my birthday *wink face*).

“We are inspired by the people, places, and things of our past. Whether they haunt us or keep us warm at night. Whether they burn our hearts or hold our hands.
We write songs about our exes.”

Stream the EP on Spotify or grab it on iTunes.

Couros: I stumbled across “Breathe A-gain” by this London producer back in October and as soon as my ears were exposed to the rest of the Jupiter EP, there was something that stood out about Couros. Watch the video for “Breathe A-gain” on YouTube.

Stream the EP on Spotify or grab it on iTunes.

Reva DeVito: Looking for something to get you in the mood and leave your chair to stretch those limbs? This is the EP for you. Portland’s Reva DeVito has a voice that pairs almost too well with the production of KAYTRANADA, Birthday Boy, Com Truise, TEKLUN, and Roane Namuh who individually produced tracks on her debut EP, The Move.

Stream the EP on Spotify or grab it on iTunes.

All i can say is LISTEN TO THIS EP with zero distractions and you will understand what we mean when we say this is a work of art for those who want to expand their music taste.

Stream the EP on Spotify.