Imagine what takes place when two talented artists in this day & age come together to not only create, but integrate each of their highly-respected styles to form something bigger than what they’ve already established in the past? Porter Robinson and Madeon conquered that earlier this year with the release of their first original collaboration “Shelter” in addition to announcing a proper world tour respectively titled as the “Shelter Live Tour.” Not only would the two bring life to their invigorating brainchild, but collide in a manner that would be both visually and emotionally stimulating. Before anything else was announced, the pandemonium spread like wildfire, because let’s face it… anyone whose ever witnessed either of the two live or ever listened to one of their original efforts, this is what dreams are made of. When the accompanying visual piece for “Shelter” arrived into the world, minds were blown, period. This was in fact a short film that was brought to life with A-1 Pictures, Crunchyroll, and the man behind the story itself, Porter Robinson. (If you haven’t watched already, what are you waiting for? Watch below, but make sure you’re emotionally prepared.) So, if you haven’t already guessed – We’re giving away 1 pair of (2) tickets to Day 2 of the Shelter Live Tour held on Monday November 28th at the Shrine Auditorium. (This is the part where we’d would want to insert as many exclamation marks as possible because it’s a *BIG* deal.) You have until 11:59PM on Thursday to enter, and if you have any questions – shoot an e-mail to LYED(at)letyourearsdecide(dot)com.
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Also, if you’ve been following the hashtags for the Shelter Live tour, just know you’re not alone. *winkface*
Shelter Live Tour