“I think we’ve made something that we’ve been trying to make for 15 years. Those who know me know I don’t say these kinds of things often but I do feel, to some extent, it’s our masterwork.” – Hayden Thorpe, lead singer tells the UK Independent

Goldenvoice is bringing the boys (back) into town and Let Your Ears Decide has one pair of tickets to get you there. Indie, synth, pop, “dream” UK rock band Wild Beasts are taking over the El Rey theatre, Saturday, November 5th with support from Porcelain Raft in Los Angeles.

Boy King is the fifth studio album for the band, released through Domino Records. This album is coming at us with a funky, electronic and very sexually charged approach, while still holidng tight to their stylistic thick, impenetrable guitar-y vibe. You already know that this is a show you are not going to want to miss. Who doesn’t love watching a lusty rock show to set the tone of their night.

Thorpe also tells the Independent, “Being in a band is a fuck you to adulthood. It’s a real denial of age and responsibility.” The boys obviously had a lot of fun making this album. You can hear it on the tracks, you can read about it in their cheeky interviews. Do yourself a favor and go see their live show, have a conversation with somebody that you wouldn’t normally talk to. Find the common denominator between the two of you, and the reasoning you both came on this night, to see this band. Do it for the music, do it for your overall well-being. Live a little.

My potential future in-laws will not hear this record and think ‘he’s a nice boy’ but what terrible art would I be making if my grandparents or future in-laws heard a record and thought ‘what a lovely man’. Who is pleased by such art?” – Thorpe

^^^ Same, baby boy. Same. Head over to our instagram and tag your favorite concert buddy to enter the contest. You can also purchase tickets here.

If you are unfamiliar, check them out below:

(Be sure to listen to bonus track “Boy King Trash,” in it’s entirety. It’s a performance art piece waiting to happen. Dig it. Not shown below.)