After 4 long eventful years, today marks the release of Psychic Twin’s debut record Strange Diary. In those 4 years alone, the series of events that took place in Erin Fein’s life cohesively form an essence that makes Strange Diary an album to remember. Call this style “dreamlike”, but Fein’s creation knocks that word straight out of the park and replaces it with a much heavier energy that ultimately serves as an escape for the mind with the help of bandmate Rosana Caban.

On Strange Diary, Fein comments, “In the end it seems the world is a place full of opposites. We are often experiencing joy and pain at the very same time. I suppose we learn this at different points in our lives, but for me, the emotional duality that is so much apart of this life, never became more apparent than it did over the last 5 years and during the making of this record. The pain I was experiencing as I entered my thirties was splintered into different manifestations of loss and change. And yet even at my lowest points, times I wasn’t sure I could survive, there was always music and therefore, there was always beauty.”

She continues, “The creation of Psychic Twin and subsequently ‘Strange Diary’, allowed for me a very special way to process this duality, it truly helped me to survive the deepest pain, to gain perspective, but also to experience the simple elegance of sounds mixing together, like a sonic water color painting, swirling around my life and healing my broken heart. I have learned, that although life is filled with mistakes, pain and confusion, if you can just take small steps forward, if you can keep your heart open to creativity, to growth, to compassion and forgiveness, you will most certainly come face to face with joy again. It is always there, just waiting for you to be able to recognize it.”

At first Strange Diary gives off an impression that makes the perfect companion for an after-hours excursion, but it’s not long before you realize this album is fit to be your sidekick at all hours of the day. P.S. Catch her on tour this fall with Gigamesh & STRFKR where you can hear this beautiful album in the flesh.

Grab Strange Diary on iTunes or over on Polyvinyl, you won’t regret it. For the vinyl junkies out there – if luck is on your side, grab the Early Bird Special Edition LP which is pressed on 180-Metallic Gold vinyl, wowza. If you missed out on the early bird edition, don’t fret because the Turquoise pressing is just as stunning.