“Fallout” is not only the opening track on this week’s edition of freshvibesmonday, but the 3rd single released by Young Summer that made its way into the world this morning via Wonderland Magazine. Following in the footsteps of the previous singles “Alright” and “Paused Parade”, the cover art keeps a continuum using the same set of colors, yet there’s a twist.Each of the 3 singles bring a different charm to the table, and in every release, the imagery becomes more apparent, bringing us closer to what appears to be Young Summer aka Bobbie Allen, and ultimately – her forthcoming EP. Be sure to give the song a solid listen and do the right thing by giving it a heart on HypeMachine. If you’re as excited as I am after listening – you may also agree that this EP will be the slice of heaven our ears will need as 2016 heads into the colder months.