playing catchup on one of my favorite radio stations’ youtube channel, KEXP. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with surfing your way to KEXP channel on YouTube and diving into their performance sessions that are constantly uploaded throughout the week! Here are 3 recent KEXP sessions that I’m obsessing over because they’re extremely talented bands/artists that I adore (and you should do the same.) NOTHING, NAVVI, and Margaret Glaspy each bring a different sound to the table from different parts of the US, but that’s what makes the KEXP Radio Sessions SO amazing, seriously. Did I mention that these 3 acts each released a brand new album this year? Time to soak it all in…
If there’s a KEXP Session that you’re crazy about and feel like it needs to be acknowledged on our site – comment below, or tweet a link to us on Twitter! Ears are always open 😉

Tired of Tomorrow is the sophomore effort from Philadelphia’s NOTHING and was released earlier this year (via Relapse Records), grab it on vinyl here. *spoiler alert* this was one of my favorite records from 2016, and catching them live at Lollapalooza was 
NAVVI released their debut record Omni (via Hush Hush Records) which takes you on a ride of intimacy and full-blown emotion whether you’re ready or not, do yourself a favor & grab it here.
Margaret Glaspy ALSO released her debut record this year (via ATO Records) titled Emotions and Math, which seriously left me speechless upon first listen. Plus this talented woman grew up near my neck of the woods way, way up in Northern California. Show your support & grab her record here if you know what’s up.