When I read earlier this evening (via Twitter) that the first video from the (much-anticipated) CHROMATICS record Dear Tommy was released into the world, I could feel my own eyes widen in excitement. The band had announced that the follow-up to their 2012 gem Kill For Love would be released on Valentine’s Day of 2015, but that full-length has yet to join us for reasons we shouldn’t address in a negative manner, because great things come to those who wait, RIGHT? RIGHT! In fact, since the release of Kill For Love–  Johnny Jewel, Ruth Radelet, and everyone else involved in the process have kept it together quite well for extending the date of the album by dropping a handful of singles that eventually made their way onto a couple of EPs featuring both new/old tracks until now. After you peep the new video which was directed/filmed by CHROMATICS, check out the official track list for Dear Johnny below, and grab some gems over on the Italians Do It Better Website here.

DEAR TOMMY  (release date: TBD)
01. Fresh Blood
02. In Films
03. Time Rider
04. I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around
05. Cherry
06. She Says
07. Just Like You
08. 4 A.M.
09. Teacher
10. Camera
11. Dear Tommy
12. Touch Blue
13. After Hours
14. Shadow
15. In Silence
16. Colorblind
17. Endless Sleep