– By Siera Shrout (of ROZE VOLCA)
I am going to keep this Coachella essay quick because lets all face it. Its 2016 and no one reads anymore. Now listening, thats a whole other story! This is more of a review of two albums I have been OBSESSED with. Like seriously, I could quote them. One of them isnt even all in my native tongue. I could be singing “I love wearing crocs” in french for all I know and honestly wouldnt care.
Christine and the Queens could sing the dictionary in French & I would learn every word within 24 hours upon first listen. She recently had her song “iT” from her self titled (debut) album featured on HBO GIRLS so expect a bit of a crowd, BUT also elbow the basics out of the way and get to the front to see this lady angel perform.

WARNING: Looking her up on Google images will give you major power suit envy. The woman can pull off menswear like nobody else can.
Next on the menu is: YEARS & YEARS. At the end of 2015 when I did my “Spotify in Review”, Years & Years came in second most played behind my baby daddy Chet Faker. I played the shit out of their latest album Communion. I mean, like, I played it so much I have a full car dance routine to it practically.
There you have it folks. I know what you are thinking: “Wait, you paid close to $500 to see two bands?” NAH NAH NAH HOMIE. I am not going to give you a schedule to abide by. That would be MY Coachella and not YOURS. If you want my survival guide, you can read it >>>HERE<<< but my main advice I can give you is to be free and frolic my friend.

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