In honor of LYED’s 4 year birthday, the Cool-Tite Crew came up with our top 4 favorite albums of the year thus far. Cool-Tite is a Los Angeles based music site made up of three homies (Mat, Sergio, and Crystal) who share an obsession for all things punk, garage, and vinyl. Check out what we are listening to. Much love and support for Emily and LYED. Happy birthday, yo!!!FeelsFeels
Mat’s Album Pick
Why we like it: We’ve seen FEELS all around town for awhile now. And while their live shows are always such an acid-washed, groove-filled treat, their debut album (produced by Ty Segall) captures that spirit and provides an ultimate listening experience that’ll have you head bobbin’ in no time.
Listen to while: Listen to this while deep into any kind of busy work you have – whether it’s house cleaning or straight up work-work, this album will take you away from all the trouble – it’s an ultimate distraction!

Adult BooksRunning from the Blows
Sergio’s Album Pick

Why we like it: ADULT BOOKS’ newest release takes the catchy, surf-punk sound from their debut and combines it with 80’s LA post-punk, not surprising for a band named after a song by X. The album is melodic and bouncy, yet gritty at times, capturing both the history and essence of Los Angeles punk.
Listen to while: Perfect album for your day off, when you’re just chillin’ at home making some coffee or enjoying a beer, doing your thing.

Massenger – Peeling Out
Crystal’s Album Pick
Why we like it: “Peeling Out” is the newest album from the Ventura-based band, MASSENGER. We saw them perform at Burger-a-Go-Go last year and they killed it! Sasha Green provides crunchy vocals, while the rest of the band backs her with surfy-garage vibes. Check out the song “Eego Game”.
Listen to while: Skateboarding around the streets of LA or cruisin’ off PCH.

Hinds – Leave Me Alone
Cool-Tite Crew Favorite

Why we like it: HINDS is a cute-tite, 4-piece band from Madrid. “Leave Me Alone” is their first full length album, which includes re-recorded songs off previous demos, along with some new jams. The whole album sounds like it was recorded in their bedroom or garage, and we mean that in a good way. Their Spanish accents definitely come through in the vocals and makes for more interesting lyrics to listen to. Def a Cool-Tite fav.

Listen to while: Chillin’ with the homies and drinking beers in the park.