This Friday in Los Angeles is going to be a B U S Y one with the amount of (amazing) shows taking place. After a string of SXSW showcases where jaws were dropping like flies – POLIÇA will be making their return to Fonda Theatre in support of their new album United Crushers. If you haven’t had a chance to catch this four-piece from Minneapolis live, you’re truly missing out. Ask anyone what it’s like to experience POLIÇA live, and you’ll get nearly the same reaction every.single.time. With two drummers, one bassist, and Channy’s hypnotic ways of putting you in a trance with her vocals – you have the ultimate recipe for one hell of a live show. If you thought the albums were loaded with sound, just wait until you hear everything L I V E. Let Your Ears Decide is giving away 1 pair of tickets to someone extraextraextra lucky, and in order to be that lucky someone – enter below via Rafflecopter. Also, did we mention that CLARA-NOVA will be opening up the show?

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(Preview/Grab United Crushers on iTunes here.)

(Preview/Grab The Bronze Age EP by CLARA-NOVA on iTunes here.)