If you haven’t received the memo about this Delaware five-piece that’s consumed my attention for the last year and some change, now’s the time to familiarize yourself with fiancé. The men behind the name are: Andrew Fusca (Vox/Guitar/Synth), Brian Bruce (Drums), Jeff Marvel (Guitar), Tyler Yoder (Bass), and Sam Nobles (Synth/Guitar.) Back in October of 2014 they were crowned as Stereogum’s “Band To Watch” which was the same month they released their debut EP titled Ep1. Since then it feels as if we’ve been twiddling our thumbs in anticipation for new music because our ears know what’s at the other end of the tunnel. With an ambitious debut EP that featured gems such as “Climb The Stairs” & “Era” in addition to last year’s stand-alone single “Solitaire”, Let Your Ears Decide is proud to premiere their self-titled debut LP. Take our word & drop whatever you were listening to before so you can tune in below (which you can also snag as a free download over on their BandCamp.)

With new releases in 2016 popping up quicker than an auto-response, the thrill of stumbling across new music that instantly *clicks* as the missing puzzle piece you’ve been unconsciously searching for is not what it used to be. fiancé’s debut LP is a round-trip ticket for a 30 minute roller coaster ride that opens up with a hazy bang in “Staring At The Floor” the most recent track to be exposed before the LP release. Through the high highs and lowest of lows – the emergency button is out of reach, but once the ride ends as “This Empty Room”  comes to a close by stating “part of me was always in the ground.” Infused with recordings taken directly from cell-phones and exploring new methods when writing this record allowed an experience to turn into a learning lesson that the band doesn’t plan on repeating. So where will you be when you decide to finally push play? Maybe you’re hanging out at a beach somewhere or under your covers while reading this – either way, it won’t be long before you find yourself on your 2nd or 3rd listen.

1. Staring At The Floor
2. Reluctant
3. Solitaire
4. Sleeping Over
5. Candle
6. Weary “A personal shout-out to my grandmother. I sampled a tape recording of my grandmother who recently passed away for the beginning of it.” – Andrew
7. This Empty Room

fiancé:  Facebook | Twitter | BandCamp | SoundCloud

A big thank you goes to the guys of fiancé for letting Let Your Ears Decide have the honor of premiering their album exclusively! I couldn’t pick a band that’s filled with more potential that needs to be heard by anyone & everyone, so do your part & spread the word whether it’s reposting, retweeting, sharing, etc!