Let’s travel back in time (aka last month) when LA’s very own Dillon Francis hosted his 4th annual IDGAFOS event in Los Angeles, but this time around it was bigger & different than ever before. If you didn’t already get the memo, Dillon Francis is not only one you should keep on your radar at all times (because in addition to being one of the biggest music producers today, he’s one of the most entertaining accounts to follow on Instagram & Snapchat as well.) He’s collaborated with artists from all over the music spectrum from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) to Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco. The 4th annual event was stretched over 3 straight nights at Shrine Expo Hall from December 17-19, which is a giant leap considering the debut of the first IDGAFOS event in 2012. Let Your Ears Decide held a giveaway for Nights 1 & 2 – and the submissions we received not only proved how dedicated & creative the fan base was, but made us want to experience the IDGAFOS event ourselves.  Sasha and I ventured to LA for Night 2 (Friday) to get the scoop on the annual event which specifically had a theme for each of the 3 nights (Night 2: dress up as anything that starts with an I, D, G, A, F, O, or S.) Dillon Francis headlined every night, but the openers for each night were separate and quite unique – I mean Night 1 had T-Pain, you bet we were envious of those who attended that one. We expected it to be a wild time, and a wild time was had by all despite having a smaller crowd than the other nights.
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A big thanks to Goldenvoice for letting us romp around the event and to the man, the myth, the legend aka Dillon Francis who infused us with the energy that left us wanting more. Shoutout to everyone who attended the entire event – who clearly showed up every night with just as much energy and passion as they did on the first night. Passing up an opportunity to see Dillon Francis is passing up a good time & honestly who would do such a thing?