Janet Jackson SB Bowl

In late October of this year, Janet, “Miss Jackson,” if you’re nasty, graced our beautiful beach town in all her iconic glory, touring with her new album, Unbreakable. I was lucky enough to close out my year of shooting at the Santa Barbara Bowl, covering this show. Although a quick moment, ’twas nothing less than epic.

Playing a two-night sold out show, I was quickly reminded that I was in the presence of greatness. Such magnetic charisma and non-stop action, Janet gave the people everything they were hoping for. A true pioneer for all women (and men) in music. With an undeniable, work ethic (since childhood, obviously), Janet has always pushed the boundaries with her provocative and commanding style.

There’s no need to overly explain who she is and what she does, so just enjoy these photos and take in the amazing that is Janet Jackson. But, let me tell you, that hair went on for days. Get it, girl, get it. I love you, Janet. Santa Barbara loves you. And that’s the way love goes.

xxxo, Sasha

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A major thank you to the Santa Barbara Bowl, Jessica Puchli and Nederlander Concerts for allowing L.Y.E.D. to be apart of this show and all of the amazing shows that we were able to cover this year. Beyond grateful, always.