What. A. Friggin’. Year. It has been a year of changes and man, I can definitely say I haven’t leaned on music more than 2015. From the bangers, the new comers, and all of the feels – it’s been a treat to have music as my wingman this year.
I can absolutely say that the talent exposed to the music world this year has exceeded any expectation that I had. Things came out of left field from artists that I truly admire-which brought some serious excitement.
Compiled is a list that, when listened to, can truly show transparency into what I see as talent, admiration, and some serious respect. 2015 was a whirlwind that I can say has been quite the ride both musically and in life. It has been an absolute pleasure continuing to be a part of Let Your Ears Decide, and I cannot wait to see what 2016 brings from these talented artists! Prop those feet, grab a hottie toddie and enjoy!

My Songs of 2015 Playlist:
1. Wild Ones – Loveless
2. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Can’t Keep Checking My Phone
3. Anima! – Crave
4. Alabama Shakes – Future People
5. MeWithoutYou – Mexican War Streets
6. The Arcs – Virginia Slim
7. Silversun Pickups – Circadian Rhythm
8. Warpaint – I’ll Start Believing
9. The Weeknd – The Hills
10. Gardens & Villa – Paradise
11. Future & Drake – Plastic Bag
12. Leyya – Superego
13. AtOlla – Ayapaneco
14. Made in Heights – Murakami
15. Madjo – Choose the heart (La Fine Equipe Remix)
16. Lewis Del Mar – Loud(y)
17. Crooked Colours – Another Way
18. WE ARE MATH – Violet
19. Oh Wonder – Shark

My Top 3 Albums of 2015:

3. Lower Dens – Escape From Evil

2. EL VY – Return To The Moon

1. FoalsWhat Went Down