Can you remember the first time you went to a music festival and found yourself humming the words to a song from an artist you were so eager to see for the first time? Call me a late bloomer, but due to a series of studying abroad/taking 6 classes a semester – I never had the opportunity to make my way to a festival until Coachella ’11. While en route to Indio with a couple of friends, “I Am Not A Robot” by Marina and the Diamonds came on – and instantly the butterflies erupted as it finally hit me – I would get to hear this magical song LIVE, for the first time. Flash forward to a couple days later and I found myself staring in awe of Diamandis herself while she performed her evening set in a smaller tent with a more intimate crowd. Now, 4 years later, Marina played her biggest LA concert to date at the Greek Theatre. The entire evening felt more like an extravagant party hosted by Christine & Marina and filled to the brim with fans who couldn’t control their admiration for both leading ladies and their band(s). @_emiLYED // LYEDLet’s not get too ahead of ourselves though, before we get into the madness that was the headliner of the Neon Nature tour, warming up the stage (that happened to be covered in bright blue astro-turf) were Christine and the Queens. It was almost impossible to avoid her infectious energy that made the crowd go wild with such ease. Christine had just released her debut self-titled album, but that didn’t keep the voices behind me from shouting every lyric.I will be the first to admit this was a lovely pairing of tour mates as they both share a giant connection in common, the fact that they’re both currently affiliated with Neon Gold Records.  and it was hard not to while staring at awe of her apparel choice (which is quite similar to her debut album cover. With a proper group of background dancers (let’s be real, they were right up there with Christine the entire time), the physical companionship paired perfectly with Christine’s pipes (but seriously though.) Christine’s set flew by almost too quick, but not quick enough to catch Christine’s wittiness and overall charm that left us wanting more.
IMG_9979Marina’s set was divided into three sections, each dedicated to 1 of the 3 records she’s released thus far: The Family Jewels (2011), Electra Heart (2012), and her most recent Froot (2015) which was released on Neon Gold Records. Fun Fact: Neon Gold also released Marina’s first ever single in the US, and while not trying to geek out – let’s just say I’ve got nothing but admiration for both Derek Davies and Lizzy Plapinger. Definitely research this powerhouse duo if you’re looking for inspiration.Act I opened with “Mowgli’s Road”, followed by “I Am Not A Robot” & 3rd being “Oh No!” which by this time – we were already embedded in the flavor that The Family Jewels first wrapped us up 5 years ago. Unfortunately, as I departed the photo pit, “Obsessions” started to play which is hands down my favorite track from TFJ. (Seriously, dig into those lyrics, and you’ll eventually catch what i’m throwing out.) In order to keep me from babbling some more, watch the video here. Act II was composed of Electra Heart’s finest gems including “Radioactive” and even a cameo from MARILYN. During the 5 song set for Electra Heart I instantly time traveled back to Electra’s infamous Tumblr that absorbed my eyesight almost every day until her sophomore album dropped. “Lies” sounded larger than life while she belted out the lyrics as if the person she wrote the song about was standing right there in the crowd. Talk about GETTING REAL.Last but not least, we were showered with the immense amount of glam that’s found in Froot, by none other than the title track itself. Every single individual was on Marina’s level by this point, and with some of her most courageous songs found in this record, you could witness it herself while the lyrics would light up behind her to make an even bigger impact on the words that were coming out of Marina’s (and about 5,000+ others) mouth. When she returned to the stage for an encore, the crowd belted every word to her piano ballad “Happy” and as soon as everyone heard the first seconds of “Blue”, the Greek Theatre resumed into a giant dance party that it was once was minutes before. Little did I know, that this would be one of the final shows of the season for the Greek Theatre as Nederlander Concerts as the official in-house promoter, which isn’t necessarily “goodbye, but goodnight” as stated in this well-written article.  What an amazing night to truly experience in the flesh, a big thank you to Annisha Hinkle & Vanessa Kromer for making this possible and to the rest of Nederlander Concerts for everything you’ve done this season for Let Your Ears Decide!

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