WHO: RAC with special guests Big Data, Geographer, filous, and Karl Kling (former member of RAC)
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WHERE: Club Nokia, Los Angeles
WHEN: Friday November 20th
WHY: More like, why NOT? This is an amazing lineup that you don’t want to miss out on.

Over the years RAC (Remix Artist Collective) started off as a group of passionate international individuals, but in the last couple of years it truly centered around André Allen Anjos. In addition to crafting some of the most exciting and uplifting remixes of your favorite songs, Anjos took it one step farther: signifying his original touch onto original tracks featuring a variety of artists we’re either familiar with or wanting to hear more form. After the success of “Let Go” – we’ve been granted with several original RAC original tracks that eventually formulated the debut full-length Strangers.

To see RAC live, you already know there has to be a bundle of surprises in store, such as when you’d see a collective act such as Classixx. With the artists listed above, there’s no telling who else will grace the stage at the Shrine. Enter now before it’s too late!
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