Last Sunday, October 18th, New Noise Santa Barbara put on their 7th annual block party extravaganza. Each year topping the previous with their musical acts and crowd involving activities.

Photo Oct 18, 5 11 10 PM

The day was hot, the beer was cold and the music was on point. New Noise always does a really beautiful job of #supportinglocal. Upon entering the block party, you’re immediately greeted with a few different food trucks and vendor pop-ups, leading you to where all the magic happens. Along the block, live local artists are caught in the act creating these really cool pieces. One artist was even nice enough to leave out some paint for the people of Santa Barbara to contribute, should they so desire. It turned out to be a really interesting and colorful piece. I did try to roll it out later that night to hang in my office, however, it was a failed attempt (kidding, i’m not a thief).Photo Oct 18, 5 06 10 PMThe beer garden at the block party is always a show within itself. The people are beautiful, the fashion is interesting, our Santa Barbara backdrop is a dream, and there’s really a noticeable synergy that flows throughout.

Our friends over at We The Beat brought back the silent disco again this year and kept the people movin’ and groovin’ all day long. You really have to hand it to people courageous enough to get lost in their dance moves, alone, in pure daylight. Although, I guess you’re not really alone if 50+ people are dancing alone also. You’re just so at one with yourself and whatever it is you’re listening to, blissed out, man. I did witness some pretty epic solo dance moves – a profound people-watchers dream.Photo Oct 18, 6 03 37 PMThe music this year, for the entire week-end long festival, was super cool. The block party, however, had a really eclectic feel throughout the day. I captured the last three acts, starting with hip hop recording artist, Fashawn. Fashawn had a pretty dope set, hyping up the crowd at just the right time. Shoutout to his DJ for using his beat machine on his lap for the whole crowd to see.Photo Oct 18, 5 43 21 PM Photo Oct 18, 5 44 32 PMPhoto Oct 18, 5 42 46 PMPhoto Oct 18, 5 42 10 PMPhoto Oct 18, 5 40 22 PMPhoto Oct 18, 5 38 02 PM Photo Oct 18, 5 36 30 PM

Following Fashawn, our favorite homegrown band, Gardens and Villa hit the stage with their sweet vibe-time synth-pop indie rock. These boys put on such a good show, and they really know how to get down with their instruments. (I’m sorry, is that a flute? OK, OK, I see you.) It’s really neat to just watch you guys explode, keep up the good work.

Photo Oct 18, 6 35 50 PM Photo Oct 18, 6 39 57 PM Photo Oct 18, 6 41 40 PM Photo Oct 18, 6 42 15 PM Photo Oct 18, 6 44 36 PM Photo Oct 18, 6 45 23 PM Photo Oct 18, 6 46 26 PM Photo Oct 18, 6 46 44 PM Photo Oct 18, 6 50 49 PM Photo Oct 18, 6 52 29 PM Photo Oct 18, 6 53 11 PM Photo Oct 18, 6 55 02 PMPhoto Oct 18, 7 02 47 PM Photo Oct 18, 7 02 39 PM Photo Oct 18, 7 01 58 PM Photo Oct 18, 7 00 22 PM Photo Oct 18, 6 57 20 PM Photo Oct 18, 6 45 06 PM


And then.

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We could take the time to do an entire write-up on Run The Jewels, however, we’ll save that for a solo show. All I can really say about RTJ, is: if you don’t know, you better get familiar, and get familiar quick. They’re a hip hop duo changing the game. I’m not going to lie – I was surprised at how many people in our little beach town were SO PUMPED that RTJ was cruising through Santa Barbara. Pleasantly surprised.

If you have a platform in this world, don’t be afraid to use it. If you have a voice, don’t be afraid to use it. RTJ highlights blatant issues in our society (in some songs, not all), and intertwines powerful lyrics with killer beats and background music. Because they are such a political band, you never really know how the outcome of a show is going to be – however, it was fucking epic. A MAJOR shoutout to New Noise for making this possible for all us Santa Barbaran’s, and a major shoutout to RTJ for knocking us all on our asses.

Lastly, I would like to dedicate this post to a dear friend of Santa Barbara, Corey Williams. Not only was he a local tattoo artist for years, he was the greatest guy and an avid Run The Jewels fan, even following them on tour. RIP, big guy. We love and miss you. Photo Oct 20, 9 43 16 AMPhoto Oct 18, 4 45 49 PMMajor thanks to Jeff Theimer and the entire New Noise Santa Barbara organization for allowing myself and LYED to be apart of this wonderful day. This was definitely one for the books and we cannot wait for next year!

xxxo, Sasha

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