Just when you start to believe that you’re feeling those mid-week blues (yes, such a thing exists in this day & age), Perth-duo GRRL PAL deliver something extra sweet to pull our mind(s) out of Debbie Downersville. “Suggest” isn’t exactly a complex track, as a matter of fact – I find the simplicity quite attractive in a gem such as this. If you’ve been keeping up with GRRL PAL’s discography, you’d agree it’s been an exciting ride in 2015 for these two. (Keep in mind, there’s still more to come from GRRL PAL due to the pact they made of releasing a new track every month for the duration of 2015.) Consider “Suggest” the cool-down mode before we dive into the two craziest months of the year. So, wherever you’re reading this from, get ready to unwind from whatever’s on your mind and let Jay Lekat/Danny K do the work (which feels incredibly effortless yet polished.)

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P.S. Let’s not forget, GRRL PAL knows what it takes to be “Kwler than U.”