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Do you ever listen to a particular artist/band & think to yourself, wow if they toured with ________  that would be the ultimate touring combination? When I first listened to Ben Howard’s sophomore album I Forget Where We Were (released last year), I immediately imagined Daughter as the perfect fit. When Nederlander Concerts announced earlier this year that Ben Howard would be headlining the Greek Theatre in LA with Daughter as support, my eyes grew wide with excitement (no seriously, they did.) If you’re familiar with the bands I truly obsess over, Daughter would be at the tip of your tongue. Let’s not forget I traveled to Barcelona for Primavera Sound Festival in 2013 to finally witness this trio LIVE – which legitimately left me in tears. The tears were surprisingly not due to the fact that someone had stolen my cell phone out of my pocket during Daughter’s set, but it was because of the overwhelming and emotional state that this band left me in. Was I in a therapy session or did I just experience a young trio from (Northern) London pour their hearts out lyrically and sonically to a festival crowd? I didn’t care one bit about my cell phone or how I was going to find it, all that mattered at that moment was that I just experienced Daughter. LIVE. FOR THE FIRST TIME.  (Don’t worry, this time around I made sure to keep my cell phone safe as I was using a proper camera to shoot.)  Daughter’s set opened with “Tomorrow”  from their 2013 debut album If You Leave and in addition to songs from the full-length and their first ever EP, included were two new ones from their forthcoming release Not To Disappear (one being “Doing The Right Thing” released earlier this week.) Once “Winter” was in full effect, the feels were evident and everywhere that made me believe that this venue was made for bands such as Daughter. The scenery paired with Daughter’s lyrics are raw, honest, and incredibly haunting. Remember that journal you hid underneath your bed in hopes that no one would ever find it because it held your deep & darkest secrets? Imagine hearing similar descriptions coming out of Elena’s mouth, and hearing it live could make the bones in your body instantly tremble. When each song came to a close – the expression(s) on the faces of the band members were priceless. They instantly lit up with joy as their eyes met with hundreds of gazing eyes who felt every ounce of what the band just exposed. In addition to a breathtaking performance, the gratitude that the members of the band expressed to the crowd every couple of songs by continuously thanking them for attending is almost shocking. Elena, Igor, and Remi – thank YOU for gracing the Greek Theatre with your presence. More importantly, thank you for closing out with “Home”, one of the first songs that made me fall in love with you guys. Don’t forget to mark your calendar, Daughter’s sophomore record Not To Disappear drops on January 15th via 4AD/Glassnote.IMG_9305Although Daughter’s set lasted 30 minutes (the only downside to the night), Ben Howard had well over an hour to casually knock out hits from both of his stellar records. I looked forward to what was in store during this period of time as I traveled to Philadelphia earlier this year to catch him & the band perform at my favorite venue in Philly, Union Transfer where the set was nearly not as long. Personal favorites of mine such as “Time Is Dancing” and “Rivers In Your Mouth” sounded borderline flawless while “Keep Your Head Up” felt like the true anthem it was written to be as the crowd belted every lyric from nearly every row in the venue along with the band. Around halfway through the set, Howard casually incorporated a cover of Sharon Van Etten’s “Every Time the Sun Comes Up” (from her last album Are We There.) As expected, Howard had his entire team up there on stage which easily swarmed over the stage at the Greek that once appeared to be an open field during the performance prior. The entire band is a force that collectively exerts an energy that makes you feel like you’re right next to them, and with the way that the Greek is situated -the whole crowd clearly felt that way as well. It’s comforting to have the ability to feel connected to a band in a way that appears difficult in venues as large as the Greek, but that night was a completely different story. This performance would be one of their last headlining sets for a bit, so every effort made was clearly exerted while it was equally reciprocated through the crowd’s response. Emily / LYEDThis was my first experience at the Greek, and boy what a first experience it was. Thank you to Nederlander Concerts for letting LYED be apart of this magical night, here’s to many more memorable moments like this!

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Side note: Let’s not forget about the time Ben Howard agreed to perform an acoustic version of “Only Love” only to be flooded by a surprise flashmob that still remains to be one of the most adorable videos ever to this day.