With much love and appreciation to every show in Santa Barbara that’s taking place this year (I will always love you Florence), but I am just going to throw this out there – HOLY SHIT MR LITTLE JEANS IS COMING TO SANTA BARBARA NEXT THURSDAY (9/10.) My excitement is present for a variety of reasons, but in short – I’ve been waiting to see Mr Little Jeans aka Monica Birkenes for what feels like forever. I say this for several reasons, but let’s break it down quick because who knows how many tickets are left (and this is the type of show you want to tell your friends about, because in return they will be astonished after listening and continue the chain of making individuals aware about Mr Little Jeans! This show is presented by We The Beat, so you know this is going to be the highlight of the week – hands down.

Like labelmate BANKS, the debut album from Mr Little Jeans titled Pocketknife played a huge role in 2015 for LYED. Listen to the entire album on her SoundCloud or via Spotify, but if you want to know my faves from the album If I had to pick 2 besides “Good Mistake” – “Haunted” & “Valentine”, but who could ever forget that tantalizing cover of Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs”? Okay, you get the point.  (Now go grab Pocketknife on iTunes.)P.S. Did I mention “Waking Up” is a brand new tune from Mr Little Jeans & is also a free download? Consider it “a belated and/or early birthday present from her to you.” SCORE. 

Opening the show will indie-outfit MOTHXR from Brooklyn, who will be in the middle of a mini-California tour they’re on, and right before they play TBD Fest. For more information about the other dates, click here.) MOTHXR have released a string of sleeky night tunes on their SoundCloud (found below) that make a great fit for Friday night’s show overall. Listen up & let me know what you think!