How many jackets is considered too many jackets? Will GIVERS actually show up & play? Did I remember to pack the back-up mophie in case the first mophie crashes? Do you think the bottle of Bulleit _____ buried in the park last weekend is still there?
Okay, so maybe the last one should’ve been left out, but these are just a few things bouncing around in my head once I had realized that Outside Lands is literally TOMORROW. (Is down the street a term to describe something that’s closer than around the corner?)

For those of you who aren’t aware *gasp*, Outside Lands (OSL) is a music & arts festival held in San Francisco, but specifically in Golden Gate Park. The only type of camping that exists at this festival is when the die-hard fans literally take over the first 4 feet of the entire front barrier once the doors open and wait there until the headliner plays at the end of the evening. I seriously don’t know how they do it. Let’s travel back in time when Metallica headlined in 2012 and the entire front of Land’s End aka main stage was a gigantic strip of black apparel with the back of every shirt indicating the most intensified or classic Metallica event (we get it, you love Metallica more than the person next to you & your mom, but we won’t tell her.)

Now there’s a few things you should know about the festival while you still have time to switch some items out of your suitcase, because it’s already a given that we’re all procrastinators here.
– Pack shoes that are more comfortable than the ones you wore at Coachella, don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Do everyone a favor & LEAVE the flower crowns at home, the people who will eventually be standing behind/next to you will be entirely grateful & Lana’s not playing.
-Those commitments you made to your friends on Facebook from college that you said you were going to meet up with, good luck trying to make that work unless you intentionally spent 400 dollars to basically miss half the festival and play a weak game of phone tag. Hashtag it’s not worth it.
D R E S S  W A R M. Make a statement with an outwear piece, otherwise you’ll be making a fool out of yourself if you try to dress like you’re still in LA where it’s 90 degrees. If it makes you feel any better while you casually start to remove your neon bra tops out of your suitcase, I once purchased a $50 blanket from the Outside Lands merch tent on the first day of my first ever OSL experience back in 2011 (so much for trying to pull off Ellie Goulding’s outfit from BBC Radios 1 Big Weekend.) Now, time to dive into the reason you probably clicked on the link/visited the blog in the first place: to get the 411 on the tunes/vibes you need to surround yourself with this weekend.


5 Acts I’m Dying To See (For the First Time.)
– Natalie Prass (Friday)
– James Bay (Sunday)
– Laura Marling (Saturday)
– Wine Lands (ALL DAY)
-Mac DeMarco (I know it’s a wee bit surprising that I’ve yet to see this crazy genius, but this is the weekend where I feel it’s going to happen.)

5 Acts You Should Put On Your Must-See List (If You Didn’t Already.)
-Tame Impala
– Caribou
– Porter Robinson/Giraffage/Odesza (sorry I couldn’t choose one, I love all 3 so much.)
– Speedy Ortiz
– Leon Bridges, so we can time travel together.

5 Songs I Have to Hear Live or I’m Not Leaving the Fest
– Huarache Lights – Hot Chip
– “If You Ever Want To Be In Love” – James Bay
– “The Less I Know The Better” – Tame Impala
– “Better Man” – Leon Bridges
– HELL, anything sounds better than the screaming baby I’m sitting next to as I’m writing this.

Pro Tip: Even if you don’t think you have to use the restroom, JUST DO IT. The pigs will have no hesitation in writing your ass a ticket Getting out of the festival is one thing, and trying to find a ride/taxi/uber that isn’t 200% is a completely different situation. Yes, the 200% is really real, and I really dislike it.

Point Blank: There’s a LOT of talent taking place this weekend, skip the long beer lines and just see as many bands as possible. You won’t regret it, and if you start to not feel it, then at least you get a “you tried” stamp on your festival track record.
IMG_6122See, here’s Ben Browning from Cut Copy saying, “Hey Emily, you may have missed Ben Howard, but at least YOU TRIED!”