Short Description:GRRL PAL – – [gerl] [pal] A girl-boy electro-pop duo, that writes, records and produces their music from a bedroom in Perth, Western Australia.

Boy do I love me some GRRL PAL, seriously. If you didn’t already know, Let Your Ears Decide have been obsessing over this Perth duo for quite some time, and like fine wine – they’ve been evolving increasingly better with time since forming in 2013. GRRL PAL’s latest “Vice” is an uppity track that pairs well with, pretty much anything, but you’ll find the true pairing in our interview with Danny K & Jay Le Kat below. One thing I will make evident is that this a shift in evolving from their last release “Nerve” which can be found on their SoundCloud page. (Side note: You can find all of the GRRL PAL gems on their SoundCloud page, which I’ve advised before when I publicly obsessed over GRRL PAL’s “Radar.”)  The band have made a goal to release one song a month, and although this is the most recent, they will be releasing a Voltaire Twins remix in addition this Thursday.

P.S. Did I mention there’s a lot of free gems from GRRL PAL on SoundCloud? Don’t sleep on this amazing opportunity. Happy Listening!

1. Fill us in on how you two met and decided to make music together under the name GRRL PAL! 
Danny K: We met in Highschool, we were both new kids and then post high school we made a band… which slowly fizzled out and then I started making some beats in my bedroom and asked Jay if she wanted to sing on them… then we released it and got some overseas interest and gig offers.. so we decided to take it more seriously!
Jay Le Kat: Danny really liked the name GAL PAL, but that was already taken by a very interesting looking dildo… so we just substituted two ‘r’s instead of the ‘a’ and thought that it sounded kind of sassy and fun and went with it.

2. Coming from someone who’s never visited Perth before, what’s it like for up & coming musicians? Would GRRL PAL re-locate? If so – where? (FYI I have an open living room with a giant couch so don’t hesitate to say California.) ;D

DANNY K: Hahaha! Well, Perth is very far away… its the most isolated city in the world! Its a pretty amazing place! The coastline is beautiful.. but it makes it very hard and expensive traveling to the east cost where most of the shows are!! We’d probably move to Sydney for a period of time maybe!! Just create a little base there for a while!
Jay Le Kat: Perth is great in the sense that everyone knows everyone and all of our friends will come to our shows and we will always have a super fun night! But yeah, we would love to try living somewhere else for a while and could three people fit on your couch? hahahahahahahahahahahaha

I mean….I do have an extra air mattress 😉

3. I still remember the first time I heard “Amazon” on SoundCloud which feels like ages ago, but in fact – it was only 2 years ago! Was “Amazon” the first song you properly uploaded onto SoundCloud? Describe the initial feeling once you knew the song was live.
Danny K: We just kinda put it online.. sent it to some blogs! It was exciting to see people listening to it and tweeting it and that!!
Jay Le Kat: “Amazon” was played on one of our fave radio stations on my 21st birthday!!! So that was REALLY EXCITING oh my goodness. I kind of remember being like, “Oh, Dan you were right we can do this!” It was so so crazy that people from all over the world were listening & liking it!!

3. Do you still illustrate your band’s sound today as “#Synth Pop” as you did with “RADAR” or would you classify as something different/new after a series of new releases? Basically, if i’ve never heard of GRRL PAL before, how would you describe the band’s sound/vibe to me?

Danny K: I think we always try to create something epic, I dont know if it actually turns into like a ‘big song’ but we just try to make them loud and big… almost like a rock anthem.. but just with synths.
Jay Le Kat: I think that we are still synth-pop… but what Danny’s producing is super creative and always very weird & wonderful so there is a definite twist that has been added to our sound! We write music with the intention of making people want to have fun, all of our songs are about having fun and being silly and not taking yourself too seriously.

4. 110% digging the Paradise EP especially as being the proper full-length introduction to your material. In addition to “Radar”, what other track(s) made an impact on the audience comparing your other tracks? 
Danny K: “Paradise” actually has the most listens all up! But I think Radar was posted on a heap of spotify play lists and FBI radio in Sydney really love it!! But we’d kinda always thought people would love RADAR! and it was actually one of the first beats idea written.. it sounded like a ‘the drums’ song.. like the track ‘i wanna go surfing’ but then i realised i couldnt play guitar..
Jay Le Kat: Yeah, The Drums were definitely an early influence! I think RADAR is so easy to listen to and also to sing along to. It’s not crazy out there and I love the high ‘On my radar on my radar on my radar’ in the chorus, its just a super fun song… but you NEVER know what people are going to latch on to, that is why it is so much fun releasing a song a month… like a little science experiment.

5. Listening to the GRRL PAL EP goes great with ____________.
Danny K: I hope it goes well with working a shitty day job.. if it makes people’s days more pleasant the jobs done!
Jay Le Kat: Pre drinks of sparkling wine with the gals, jumping on a trampoline, driving ANYWHERE and definitely pool parties.

5. Quickie: Have either of you been to States? If so, where?
Danny K: We both lived in ATL with our friend Parker! It was a crazzzy experience! and i’ve also been to NYC/LA/Vegas

6. Best thing about being from AUS & biggest wonder/curiousity about America?
Danny K: I think the size, the amount of highways, the billboards, WALMART… we don’t really have anything that’s as big as that!!! It’s also a much bigger population.. so there’s a larger opportunity to play to a larger audience!
Jay Le Kat: AND the best thing about being an Aussie… we are such a funny silly country and everyone is out to have a good time… and we have koalas.

7. What’s up next for GRRL PAL? Who are you currently obsessing over & more importantly, when are you making your way to the states for your first show?
Danny K: I love a lot of rap artists from the states! The culture is so great and creativity… it just keeps getting better! Gang of Youths from Sydney are sooooo great! They have put out such a good album.. such an interesting story behind it! Loving Ben Khan/Jai Paul alot.. Parker Ighile who we worked with has some crazy stuff coming out and is always working with new people! Tkay Maidza, Eves the behaviour, DMA’s, Crooked Colours (we are supporting them tonight!!). I’m loving all the music from The Weeknd at the moment… and super excited for Frank Ocean and Tame Impala!!
Jay Le Kat: I would LOVE it so much if we can visit the states soon and play some shows… the rest of the year we just want to play to as much of Australia as possible to try and make that happen 🙂 We are also going to continue our song a month promise till the end of the year! And Danny, you just recommended definitely more than 1 band… I’m obsessing of Jamie XX at the moment.
Don’t forget, GRRL PAL is on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.