Hello LYED readers, my name is Siera. I have been with Emily and this blog (mostly back end stuff) now for three years! This post will not be your average Coachella Prep post but an insight to an OCD patron who is on her third year’s list of things to bring out to that magical polo field in the desert. You can get your “wear close-toed shoes” and “bring lots of sunscreen” posts elsewhere, this list is the type of stuff you will only learn after you have attended once or twice. So first-timers (who happen to be my favorite people at coachella because it’s fun to watch them experience it for the first time and reminisce of your own. ) LISTEN UP!

I learned real quick after watching my favorite childhood band close the weekend in a t-shirt dress and a $50 coachella hoodie that Indio sand storm aint nothin to eff with! The following year I made sure to bring a pair of flowy wide legged pants that can easily roll up in your bag and fit over your shoes for a quick clothing change while standing in a crowed. Also wool socks are nice and keep you surprisingly warm! This year I bought 40 Duck Dynasty Hand Warmers on Groupon for the cold nights.
I am a firm believer in makeup removing wipes in my daily routine but once you are in the desert even the manliest of men will ask you for one after baring the winds of coachella on your trek back to camp. Also they are nice for #2s in the port-a-potties. (which btw, word on the interwebz is that they have real toilets this year!) If I had to recommend one brand of wet wipes, Costco is where it’s at.
3. MINERAL SUNSCREEN (for the ladies)
Not too long ago, a good friend introduced me to Peter Thomas Roth’s Mineral SPF Powder. You may be thinking “okaaay, why?” Instead of spraying yucky mist sunscreen all over or smearing sunscreen lotion across your face, and risk messing up your makeup or even worse your tribal war paint, (when in Rome, right?) this is a duster your can simply apply like any other powdered makeup. Better take note, because this is a game changer for sure.
Pretty self explanatory. It took me three years but hey, lesson learned. Twice. As long as you find a solid pair of insoles with gel in them, you’re guaranteed to be golden this weekend. (Are you there Dr. Scholl’s? It’s me, Siera.)
This was something that right out of the gate I was good at. I always over pack. Extra gum, lighters, tissues, advil. You name it, I had it. It wasnt until I festivaled with Emily and tried to keep up with her as she made her way to the front of a crowed, that I realized all this extra stuff I carried around with me could actually be worth something. You make friends while standing smashed in like sardines and when you want to pull a fast one on your new friends to get passed them, distracting them with a simple gift seems to do the trick. They’ll never know what hit them until they see your face on the jumbo screen singing along to the lyrics of your favorite OutKast song.
And finally, this a piece of advice I have to constantly remind myself to have, since stated previously about my OCD, is a good go-with-the-flow attitude. You’re in conditions your body is not use to and sometimes tempers may rise, but always check yourself before your wreck yourself (or a friendship.) Make sure you are letting the little things go and focusing on the fact that you are in the freaking desert with 90,000 other people who are there for the same reason. The love of music.
Who’s at the top of the list for acts I’m dying to see in the desert this year?
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