Temples are a neo-psychedelic band from the Midlands (England) and don’t let the flowers fool you – this band kicks a**. Did this group crawl straight out of the 60’s? No, but it sure sounds like they did. Temples have released a handful of impressive singles since making their debut in the fall of last year with “Shelter Song.” 
Click here to watch Temples play “Colours To Life” live as apart of a CTRL in Situ session for Topman.
Temples’ most recent release “Mesmerise” is an immediate favorite in my book, and has me very excited for the future. Their debut album Sun Structures will be released 02/10/2014 via HEAVENLY RECORDINGS. Preorder it here!  
In the meantime, head over to their SoundCloud page to hear more music from Temples, you won’t regret it.