I’d like to imagine the first track on an LP, EP, Mixtape, etc to be the catchiest (that is until you reach whatever their “hit” is). & I’ve stumbled across a few that have actually become some of my favorite tracks. 
1. The XX – Intro
Album: Self-titled (2009)
This is the kind of song that you can put on repeat……..for a few hours.
2. Sharon Van Etten – Warsaw
Album: Tramp (2012)
I had the pleasure of catching SVE at the Avalon earlier week and not only did she open with this addicting track but it’s also the first track on her most recent album “Tramp”. I recommend you to start from the very beginning with “Warsaw” when you first listen to the album. It’s a pleasant ride into her deep dark thoughts that you’ll immediately find yourself addicted and relating to.
3. The Shins – The Rifle’s Spiral
Album: Port of Morrow (2012)
Fresh out of The Shins’ oven is “Port of Morrow” (released March 20th). [You just don’t exist. / Your mother must be so proud.] This opener is one of the more exhilarating tracks from The Shins, only to transition into the power of “Simple Song”. 
4. The Head & The Heart – Cats & Dogs
What really attracted me to this opener that you can find on their 2011 self-titled album is how well it transitions into the 2nd track “Coeur D’Alene”, so I decided to post a video of them performing it live. The Head and the Heart is definitely one of those bands that you MUST see live in order to get the full feel of who they are. It’s on my bucket list to catch them play at a house show as they’ve mentioned in the past as one of their favorite things to do.
5. Atmosphere – The Arrival
(I just went from different ends of the spectrum from the video above, but this is a perfect example of how spread out my taste in music is.) This is the perfect opening to the 2005 album “You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having”. Slug knows best, mark my words…..”I’m not really supposed to talk about this…..but….”. Take a listen & you’ll understand what I mean.  
6. Austra – Darken Her Horse
Album: Feel It Break (2011)
I stumbled across Austra last summer when NYLON included their track “Lose It” in a free Summer playlist, and immediately fell in love. The voice that belongs to Katie Stelmanis will captivate you along with the dark synthesizing & electronic sounds that accompany her. I give a lot of credit to the other members of Austra with recently mentioning Maya from TRUST but also Dorian Wolf who was in Spiral Beach, and the Lightman sisters. I strongly dislike comparing artists/bands, but let’s just say that I’d love to see Austra & Zola Jesus play on the same bill of a show. A girl can dream, right? 
P.S. I’m a huge fan of watching the KEXP performances found on YouTube, and was stoked to see that Austra was featured back in November. Click on the link below to watch their performance of “Darken Her Horse” on KEXP.